Distribution of Swiss Diamond Products.


Swiss Diamond® is currently available in more than 50 countries worldwide, with new markets opening every year. Avid home chefs and those passionate about cooking appreciate the high performance and longevity of Swiss Diamond® cookware. Consumers who are serious about their family’s health choose Swiss Diamond® as a safe, eco-friendly and oil-free cooking option.

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Grocery Programs.


Swiss Made Brands Ltd. is highly experienced in the full service distributor that the grocery stores have come to expect.  Whether you have one store that serves your community, or you have 1000’s of stores that cater to an entire country, we have a solution that meets your needs.  Getting products quickly and of desired quality is our specialty.

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Product Development.


We currently develop products for numerous companies.  Our process can be as full service as your company needs us to be.  From presenting options to fill a need, and design of the perfect products to production, packaging and marketing, all the way thorough logistics, and product placement.  If your company has a need, we can fill it.

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